Xinspower take smart charger as one of important strategic products recent years, xinspower found the charging technology have charged dramatically since 2015,and seize the times opportunity, research on smart charge, quick charge, and all kinds of charging products assortment, industrial design; The assured products deigned and produced by Xinspower make global consumers satisfied; Xinspower own the long-time contract partner of industrial design, keep on introducing new charging products to meet user’s consumption habit from each country.


R&D and innovation are the key factor of Xinspower rapid development,We always maintain continuous investment in key technology,product development,R & D team building,relying on high level R & D team to create differentiated and high reliability products,so that customers can enjoy the benefits and convenience by innovation.

Strong Facility Strength: Introduced automation transformer equipment,SMT,high speed AI machine,full automatic production line,advanced multi function testing and aging equipment,with the machine substitutions to promote the production capacity and quality leap. Currently, we have 5 production lines of automatic power supply products and 5 production lines of magnetic components products,power supply products production capacity can reach more than 10 million, magnetic products with an annual capacity of 50 million or more.

We adhere to the "full participation, strive for perfection!" The customer service spirit, adhere to the customer requirements accurately transfer to all parts of the product, comply with the process rules, build a perfect quality system. We play the team's strength, respond to customer's needs quickly, promise to provide high quality products, services and solutions to customers, create values for every customer and achieve mutual benefit and win-win development.

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Brand Value 1. Xinspower Brand Paraphrase Xin = Chinese PinYin of "Xin", has a meaning.....


IT/IEC60950, AV/IEC60065, IT+AV/IEC62368, Generic class/IEC61558(UL1310),Medical class/IEC60601,Charger class/IEC60335(UL1310)

Due to focus, and professional

The world's leading switching power supply, smart charger, consumer electronics and magnetic components manufacturers.


The world's leading switching power supply, smart charger, consumer electronics and magnetic components manufacturers.


Today's Neo-Spark Technology has won many domestic and foreign well-known customers with its leading technology, quality and service advantages. Its products are well-known throughout the world, such as Haier, ABB, Kodak, and other well-known large-scale enterprises at home and abroad.




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